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Monday, 11 February 2013

New Official Trailer : 'Hours'

Paul Walker Is Having a Really Rough Day obviously.
Let's see if we can count all the bad things that happen to Paul Walker in the trailer for his new film Hours. First, his beautiful, pregnant wife (Genesis Rodriguez) goes into labor five weeks early. Okay, modern medicine being what it is, that's not totally terrible, right? Except she dies, or, to put it in doctor's terms, "expires."

Luckily his baby survived. Phew! Except Hurricane Katrina is barreling down upon the hospital, causing power outages and flooding. Fortunately, Walker finds a hand-crank generator to keep his newborn's ventilator working. Except the generator is only capable of producing a three-minute charge, meaning Walker has to keep cranking away while also trying to find help. (If only Desmond from Lost was around — that guy's got experience in the repeated task department.) Throw in some armed looters and a helicopter with apparently something better to do than rescue a baby, and this looks like one of the worst (albeit most entertaining) days ever.

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