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A guy from Glasgow took a vacation to Aberdeen.
While there, he met up with a prostitute. After sex, the prostitute said: "$100 pounds."
The guy handed her a $200 bill.
The prostitute responded: "You're so kind."
Some days pass, and the guy met up with the same prostitute again and had sex again.
The prostitute asked for $100, but the guy again says: "No, here's $200." The prostitute says: "You're so kind."
More days pass, and the guy met up with the prostitute one last time to have sex.
The prostitute says: "$100, please."
The guy hands her $200.
The prostitute says: "you're so kind. Where are you from?"
He answers: "I'm from Glasgow."
The prostitute says: "I am from there too!."
The guy says: "I know, your mum sent me to give you $600."

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