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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fans Wants Single celebrities Harry Styles and Emma Watson to Date

 Hot single celebrities harry styles and emma watson would make a great couple and luckily i am not the only one thinking in that direction for the single celebrities.
Now that One Direction's Harry Styles is a single chap once again, his hyperimaginative creative fans are waiting and watching to see which pretty young thing will catch his dreamy eye next. The fetching and famous lady of the hour, some Styles fans hope, is British actress Emma Watson, who is apparently close enough friends with the former X Factor contestant to message him on Twitter. To some eager young ladies, this strongly indicates true love.

On Monday, Harry sent Emma a message about some film they'd discussed (judging from fan tweets, it was likely Watson's much-lauded flick The Perks of Being a Wallflower), writing, "I finally saw the second half! That film gets dark, but I liked it a lot." She replied, "yay!! So happy," which prompted a giddy fan response:

Well then.

Someone out there has certainly come up with the appropriate nickname by now— likely something like Emry or Stylson. But they really shouldn't get ahead of themselves: As Rihanna once helpfully pointed out shortly after she and Chris Brown began following each other on Twitter, "its f**kin twitter, not the alter! [sic] calm down." In my humble opinion, i think these two single celebrities should date. They may just be good for each other. We ll know soon enough though.

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