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Monday, 21 January 2013

Britney Spears Without Her Engagement Ring

Britney Spears is down a fiance and a $90,000 engagement ring ( these wedding rings are something else) rock following her recent split from agent Jason Trawick. The singer was spotted at a friend's house over the weekend and made sure to show the cameras she's no longer sporting her big diamond.

Before the breakup, Britanny Spears was hardly seen without her Neil Lane engagement ring. She made all those spectacular X Factor faces with the bauble securely on her left hand, wore it to Target, and even rocked it in her sweats.

TMZ reports the star gave the engagement bling back shortly after the couple called off their wedding earlier this month. Apparently Britanny Spears returned the ring without Trawick asking for it back. Under California law, the ring must be returned to the man if the woman called the wedding off or if it was a mutual split. If the would-be groom canceled the nuptials, the woman can legally keep the diamond.

In this case, it's still tough to determine who nixed the wedding, so much for wedding dresses, wedding cakes, wedding parties, wedding photos , wedding invitations and so on.  Sleuthy insiders say it was Trawick who pulled the plug. If so, Spears could have still returned the ring just to be rid of the tainted rock. It's not like she can't afford her own bling, anyway.

Regardless,  Britanny Spears was smiling and seemed to be in good spirits while she was showing off her naked hand Saturday. With a $100 million Las Vegas deal in the works, what's not to smile about?

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