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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lindsay Lohan Is Actually Hanging Out with Max George of The Wanted

Lindsay Lohan apparently got what she wanted, even if she had to allegedly punch a gal in the head for it. 
TMZ reports the actress has been traveling with her crush Max George this week, just days after she reportedly got in a bar scuffle with a woman named Tiffany Eve Mitchell over him.
Lohan was supposedly backstage at The Wanted's Philadelphia show Wednesday night and then hit the road with the guys today. Sources say she rode with George to Boston on the luxury bus and all! 
However, it doesn't sound like Mr. George is thrilled about everyone knowing he's (at least) hanging out with the star. Insiders say the singer originally denied having any idea Lohan was planning to attend the show, but later changed his tune when more precise details surfaced. Hmmm.
Whatever's going on between them, it's not likely to turn into a full-fledged relationship. George recently broke up with a gal named Michelle Keegan and is not interested in anything serious right now. 

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