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Saturday, 8 December 2012

5 Reasons Why Jessica Biel Think Being Married to Justin Timberlake is Awesome

Last week, Jessica Biel told Ellen DeGeneres it's "incredible" to be married to Justin Timberlake. Now, she's given some seriously awesome examples as to just what makes him the best husband ever. One of the many: He makes delicious three-layer pie. 

Jessica Biel can't stop talking about how sweet it is to be married to Justin Timberlake. In an interview for the January issue of Elle, the newlywed described some of the perks of being Mrs. Timberlake, which we broke down (in no particular order) into this handy-dandy list:

1. "He bakes pies," including a "three-layer pie and blueberry crunch cake." She said they're "pretty unbelievable."

Jessica+Biel in Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Out for a Stroll2. "He's Southern, so he's got all this influence from his grandma" — hence the pies and gentleman thing.

3. Marriage "means always having someone there to open the pickle jar." She's right, it's so hard.

4. She now has someone "to go swimming naked with" at all times

5. She gets to "have adventures" and "share the ups and downs" with one of the hottest stars on the planet

There you have it: Justin Timberlake, the best/handiest husband ever.

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