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Monday, 19 September 2011

Watch: David Beckham Dresses Up Like Target Employee, Pranks Customers

Getty Images, Inset via YouTube

David Beckham is charming, good looking, a stud on the soccer field, a hot husband and dad, and to top it off he's also an extremely good sport. Proof: He let Ellen DeGeneres send him to Target dressed as an employee to sell his new scent to unassuming customers. The result is comedic gold.

David Beckham as a Target employee (via YouTube)Beckham -- cleverly disguised as "Ricky" in a bright red polo, thick glasses, and a cap -- stands in the cosmetic section of the store with a few bottles of cologne while he asks passersby if they'd like to try the scent. Meanwhile, DeGeneres feeds him hilarious lines from the set of the show through a microphone. "Would you like to try this? I'll spray it on my leg and you can smell it," she directs him to say. He repeats the line, adding: "It smells so much better on my legs."

Beckham tells one skeptical customer he's from Australia when she inquires about his accent. DeGeneres takes it a step further and has him tell the woman he can also pull of a Texas accent. "HOWDY PARTNERRR," he screams in the aisle.

After dousing customers, chanting "If you stink come buy cologne," telling a guy to steal a bottle, and generally making a fool of himself, he finally reveals that he is actually David Beckham.

See the awesome video of David Beckham at Target here:

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