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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Amazing! Redeemed Pastor Extorts N50,000 From Hawker

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Overtime, both believers and non- believers have always made the statement that the direct synonym for most new generation churches on Nigeria, is Business-Centre. Despite the talks, articles and debates on the true picture for the purpose at which churches are established in Nigeria in this 21st Century; some accept hook, line and sinker that some pastors are just living fat and extorting their members' hard earned money.

These new generation pastors live luxurious life, pretending to be God- sent. They are fond of lampooning the congregation with supernatural miseries that create fear in their minds and end up succumbing to all pastors' innuendos. The latest gist from the acclaimed house of God is that one Redeemed pastor after every camp service smiles to the bank with his swollen accounts.

We were told that the pastor demands as much as N50,000 from hawkers who want to trade during camp service before they can have access to make any sale without the consent of the General Overseer. We further learnt that after keeping calm for so long, the trader soon felt cheated, claiming that the pastor's act has been the extortion of the first order. Moreover, they went ahead to table the matter with Pastor Adeboye, who instantly reacted to the injustice.

Information at our disposal revealed that on getting the report, Pastor Adeboye dismissed the dubious pastor, saying he has never asked anyone to collect money from the sellers who display their wares at the camp.

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