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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Royal Recap: Kate and William Are Back in England!

Kate+Middleton in Famous Fans at The Foundation Polo ChallengeKate+Middleton in Famous Fans at The Foundation Polo Challenge
Bauer Griffin

It's mid-summer in England, and now that the Duke and Duchess have returned from their visit to Los Angeles, they've been trying to settle down into a normal (as possible) life. Just last week, they've moved into their first apartment as a married couple, Kate prepared for her wedding dress to be displayed at Buckingham Palace, the couple was given $300 in vouchers by British Airways, and the princess's old car went up for auction at a very inflated price on eBay.


Views of Kensington PalaceWilliam and Kate Move Into Their First Home

While we secretly imagined Kate and William lived in some faraway castle with butlers and winding staircases, it's not entirely true. They've moved into their first apartment together in Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived until her death in 1997. Their new home is a reasonably modest two-bedroom, one-bathroom space that's still big enough for entertaining guests. They're also dutifully keeping up with tradition: Kensington Palace has been the favored residence for British monarchs since 1689!

Kate+Middleton in The Queen and Catherine view the wedding dressKate's Dress Is Going On Display
Ever wonder what's going to happen to that gorgeous satin and lace, Grace Kelly-inspired wedding dress? This week we got an answer – temporarily, at least. The Duchess of Cambridge's gown will be displayed on a pedastal in Buckingham Palace's ballroom, where it will be illuminated by special lighting. Visitors will only be permitted within a few feet of the display – a smart idea given that the palace has seen a 107% increase in tour sales this year. "Visitors will see what a great example of British couture it is," exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut said. "And how much detail and how much work went into the creation of this dress. The beauty really is in the detail." Oh, and a replica of the wedding cake will also be encased in glass for viewing pleasure!


Kate+Middleton in Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Inner City Arts Youth ProjectKate And William Will Be Gifted $300 For In-Flight Entertainment Mess-Up

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to fly back from L.A. on a commercial flight, and the plane's entertainment system broke down during the 10-hour trip. Luckily, a very tired Kate had told friends she was going to crash the minute she sat down on the plane, anyway. The other travelers were given airline vouchers or frequent flier miles, but British Airways personnel handed the royal couple $300 in vouchers for duty-free goods. Do Kate and William really need those random low-priced goods sold at duty-free shops? It'd be weird, to say the least, to see the Duchess walking through one of those airport shops with a large bottle of whiskey.

Kate's Old Car Is Selling For Almost $50,000 On eBay

These days Kate's standard mode of transportation is an antique royal carriage or Aston Martin, but back in 2001 she drove an indigo blue Volkswagen. She sold the VW Golf in 2009, but the guy who bought it from her is business savvy enough to sell it on eBay. Sonny Brazil, the lucky owner, bought it for just $2,300 and now the sweet ride has an estimated worth of $48,000. That's the average annual salary for an accountant in Houston, Texas! As of Friday, the highest listed bid is $32,000. Brazil is also including a pair of sterling silver cufflinks he found in the car, which probably belong to Kate's little brother James, who drove the Golf before it was sold.

Prince William and Kate Go See 'Bridesmaids'
Although it reminds us that Kate and William can laugh at raunchy jokes, the fact that they saw a popular comedy isn't really news. Last Saturday, the couple headed to a movie complex in Anglesey, North Wales, where they've been living. Moviegoers quickly freaked out on Twitter and a few days later the complex company itself tweeted: "Prince William & Kate Middy saw Bridesmaids at Cineworld Llandudno this W'end. Wonder what they made of Kristen Wiigs 'one eyed' impression?"
The Buckingham Palace Curator Says Kate's Wedding Dress Waist Is "Small"
The fixation on Kate Middleton, as of late, has been largely about her body. She's certainly lost a considerable amount of weight, but do we really need an exhibition curator to tell us vague perceptions of her size? The curator who's in charge of displaying the dress at Buckingham Palace simply stated that the waist size was "small." Next story, please. 

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