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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Justin Bieber Makes Surprise Appearance at Selena Gomez Concert

Justin Bieber seems to be really into crashing major events these days. He showed up uninvited to a Malibu wedding last week, and just last night he surprised Selena Gomez on-stage at her concert! 

Justin surprised his gal onstage Sunday night. (via YouTube)The Bieb came out in a neon yellow T-shirt as Selena's guitarist began a riff of his hit "Baby," and he gave his shocked gal a giant hug before she scooted offstage. Justin then proceeded to sing over the thousands of screaming women in the crowd.

His tune of choice? A unique mash-up up his hit "Favorite Girl" and Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River!" 

Mr. Bieber covered the hit flawlessly and shouted "Give it up for Selena Gomez!" before he made his exit.

Justin wrote about the surprise performance on his Twitter page and said it sounds like he misses performing live now that his world tour's been over for a couple of months. He wrote: "had a  and suprised the people. felt good to be on stage. nothing is changing that."

See Justin Bieber surprise Selena here:
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