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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Exclusive Interview: Jessica White, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

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Jessica WhiteJessica White is a fashion industry veteran. She's been modeling since the age of 14 and has spent the last 14 years on the runways and in front of cameras. Jessica's worked with some of fashion's top designers and fronted a multitude of campaigns including CoverGirl and Maybelline. She's also showed her sexy side for Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret. We'd go one, but it would take too long!

Getting on the phone with Jessica was a difficult process, but the wait was definitely worth it. Based on the projects this supermodel is working on, it was a miracle she had time to squeeze us in for a chat as all! We chatted about everything including fashion, beauty and life as a top model. Jessica also gave us the inside scoop on her upcoming beauty line and documentary. Here are some snippets from our chat:

 SB: You've worked for a lot of the designers you like, who's been your favorite to work for?
Hands down Stella McCartney. I actually became really close to her when I was 16 years old. She gave me my first big campaign for Chloe, this was when she was designing for them. Stella's personality is absolutely amazing and she's just talented. I love what she's done even with her own clothing line.
SB: You've been in the industry since you were really young, would you say your style changed since you've been in the industry?
When I first started, I came from Buffalo so I wore Timberland boots, t-shirts and jeans. I was a tomboy when I first started. I went through a very gothic phase, where it was skulls and snakes and black lipstick. I've had some really bad fashion moments in my life. Now, I love dressing like a woman. I'm still your punk girl, but now I'll have on a Chanel dress and my skulls and tattoos are hidden. 
 SB: You've worked with some of the best hair and makeup artists in the industry, do you have any tips and tricks you've picked up along the way?
Oh my goodness, yes! I didn't used to know how to do my makeup at all, but I can really do a great smoky eye... Women should realize their skin isn't all one shade...So you need three different colors which is a darker color, a highlighter and you need something that'll tone everything down...You should never go and buy one color and think your whole skin is that color because that isn't the case.
 SB: Can you tell us more about your Angel Wings foundation?
My Angel Wings foundation is, to be honest, my first and foremost...I'm doing a Youtube campaign with a bunch of celebrity friends who are basically rallying around me, and supporting me and my journey of stopping sexual abuse in America. Stopping domestic violence and even drug abuse on behalf of women. My humanitarian work is the reason why God has placed me on this earth so that's always, I view that as my ministry. That's something that will always be at the top of my list.
SB: Where can people who have been following your career see you next in the coming months?
In September I'm doing the soft launch of my finger nail polish and also at the same time, Devise Beauty will be coming out. That'll be everywhere. I'm also doing the fashion shows again in September. I haven't walked the runway in fashion week in about six years because I've been doing every other business venture and being more commercial. But now I'm going back to the fashion shows and I'm extremely excited about it. 
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