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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rihanna and Michael Bolton Trade Awesome Compliments on Twitter

Somewhere in all the time Rihanna's been spending with the lovely Chris Brown, she's found time to trade awesome compliments on Twitter with none other than Michael Bolton. You know, the singer who used to have awesome long '80s hair and got called a "no-talent ass clown" in Office Space. Yup, that guy.

Turns out Rihanna is a huge fan of the "How Can We Be Lovers?" singer. She kicked off the online lovefest last week, writing: "This man will forever be a legend in my eyes" along with an Instagram picture of the singer on stage. 

Mr. Bolton replied: "I'm very grateful to read this!! Thank u, Mb."

Then he tweeted to her: "Ur a truly powerful artist with a distinct voice that I love, and the rare kind who will have a great long career. Your fan, Mb" 

This totally made Rihanna's year. In response to the tweet from her idol, she wrote: "My heart fell to the floor!! #1love" followed by "#biggestfan." 

This might be one of the strangest, best moments Rihanna has ever had on the social networking site, and that's really saying something. Hopefully this means a Rihanna-Michael Bolton collaboration is in the works. They both really love unbuttoned blouses.

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