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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fans Go Wild With Speculation Over Rihanna's 'Big Announcement'

Rihanna had a big announcement for everyone this week, and naturally her fans hoped it was BABIES. ...

But it turned out that Rihanna's 'Big News' Is  ReallyNot THAT Big...

The singer managed to work her fans into a speculative frenzy with one simple tweet in the early hours of Wednesday morning, writing, "Big news coming tomorrow!" 
Within seconds, fans started guessing what news the singer might have in store for them —  and most of it revolved around her relationship with Chris Brown and the status of her uterus. "Big announcement is that you are pregnant? I had a dream you and Chris were having a lil girl," one fan wrote to the singer's Facebook page. Another wrote, "Your pregnant we know Rihanna. You aint gotta wait any longer the world is aware. Or atleast I am."

The fans aren't completely off-base: According to a less-than-reliable anonymous source, Rihanna recently asked for time off to have a kid. Which is, you know, terrifying to those of us who have brains will never, ever be Team Breezy.

Unfortunately for Chrianna fans, the news was all business: "My new TV show is coming to @StyleNetwork! Check it out at #StyledtoRock." The show to which Rihanna refers isn't quite new — it first aired in the UK months ago to lukewarm reviews and middling ratings. Essentially, it's not enough to upstage the royal baby announcement. 

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  1. This two reckless souls cannot handle babies na...mtcheeew


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