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Monday, 18 June 2012

Drake Hints at Hard Times As Sexy Model Ingrid Gutierrez Claims He Started Club Fight

SO, Heres the latest on the drake and chris issue. Drake hasn't yet issued a real statement about allegations that he instigated a violent brawl last week at Manhattan's W.i.P. nightclub, but he did make some vague references to the incident at a concert over the weekend. Also, a Brooklyn-based model who was in the VIP section at the time has told the New York Post that the Canadian rapper was clearly responsibile for the melee. What's more, the club has been shut down and its owner has been arrested. The scandal keeps getting more scandalous...
Ingrid Gutierrez, the 21-year-old model who suffered injuries at SoHo's W.i.P. nightclub last week.
It seems more and more likely that Drake will be questioned about his involvement in the brawl as more witnesses come forward. 
Ingrid Gutierrez, the 21-year-old model who suffered injuries at SoHo's W.i.P. nightclub last week who was seated with Chris Brown's entourage told the New York Post it was Drake's crew that began throwing bottles.
"Chris told Drake to f--k off, and the next thing I heard was smashed glass and the bottles started flying at us," she insisted. “I didn’t see Chris act violently towards anyone,” she said. “Chris said, ‘Let’s go,’ but there were bottles flying and I saw him get hit in the face, so I hunkered down where I was."
Gutierrez, who needed five staples in her head after suffering a painful gash, plans to sue the club and anyone else who is found liable. She also made a damning final statement: “I think Drake’s entourage are cowards for throwing bottles at girls,” she said. “I’ve lost all respect for Drake. Chris Brown acted like a gentleman to all the girls there. Chris tried to protect me and my friend.”
   W.i.P. has been shuttered since Saturday. The club's manager was arrested last week for outstanding warrants unrelated to the brawl.
  Masters of fiction MediaTakeOut claim Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran is pregnant. The evidence: A bikini photo with a photoshopped red arrow pointing to a non-existent bump, with the caption "Her belly looks like it may have a little CHRISSY it in!!!"
 File this under What Happens When 18-Year-Olds Have Too Much Money: Justin Bieber rented a helicopter for his lady love Selena Gomez so they could travel to Stratford, Ontario, Justin's hometown, in between rehearsals for the MuchMusic Awards.
Though Justin doesn't often talk about his relationship with Selena, he did tell The Sun (via MTV UK) about their first kiss: "My first kiss with Selena was the best of my life. It was in the car. It was scary and spontaneous and it was just awesome."
He also added, "But I never like to throw it in my fans' faces. I love my fans and I'd never want to do that to them. It's my private life and I like to keep separate. I don't have many things that I get to keep to myself but that's one thing."

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