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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Week in Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets

Twitter has given celebrities a license to unleash whatever pops into their heads upon the entire world. Many times, these off-the-cuff thoughts are self-serving or even mundane, but on some special occasions we get tweets that are hilarious, insane, or just downright ridiculous. Let's take a look at some celebrity tweets that made us go, "Say what?"

You don't have to be on Twitter long before you realize that it's a forum for celebrities to pontificate as if they are the deepest, most inspirational people on the planet. This week took it to another level:

Speaking of attempts at sounding deep, what is Aubrey O'Day even talking about? I can't tell if this is offensive or just dumb:

She should probably just stick to making us fear the day she breeds:

I understand that Twitter is rife with spelling and grammar errors, but Vinny, if you're going to use this quote you should probably get Abe's name right:

Is this an example of "reclaiming a word?" Because if it is, it still seems like an uncomfortable stretch:

Don't click the link. What could possibly be on the other end that would be worth looking at? Nothing:

Lately, there's also been a disturbing trend where celebs are this close to live tweeting their sex lives:

Ugh, you're gonna need a shower:

Let's break that up with a Public Service Announcement from Chrissy Teigen:

Ke$ha is half a head away from becoming Britney, circa 2007.

Who should feel worse: Maroon 5 for making music destined for the Real Housewives demographic or me for knowing who Ramona Singer is? Think on that while I walk away in shame:

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