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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Say What? The Week in Ridiculous Celebrity Tweets

(Photos by Pacific Coast News, Getty Images)

Twitter has given celebrities a license to unleash whatever pops into their heads upon the entire world. Many times, these off-the-cuff thoughts are self-serving or even mundane, but then there are those occasions where we get tweets that are hilarious, insane, or just downright ridiculous. Let's take a look at some celebrity tweets that made us go, "Say what?"

Rihanna ain't afraid to spit game. Real or innuendo, it's all the same. (RiRi, you're free to use that, no charge):

Perhaps because some people don't make being a millionaire a requirement:

I appreciate what you're doing here, but doesn't it seem a little odd coming from someone who's made a living being mean to others?:

Does Donald Trump always have to be a dick?:

What she said:

We should start a new section called "Definitely Not the 99%":

I understand that Twitter isn't made to write a perfectly written opus, but there's a certain amount of awful spelling and horrid grammar that makes me want to reach through the computer and slap these people with junior high textbook:

Gross, Ricki. Twitter has a direct message option for a reason. No one wants to hear about your rotting wounds:

50 is upset that Madonna will also be releasing a similarly-titled single to his "Girls Go Wild," but someone needs to tell Mr. Cent that he isn't reinventing the wheel with the track. Just ask Joe Francis. Ease up on the homicidal rage, 50, damn:

Not a far fall, and who wears a 5-inch heel in the dead of winter?:

Finally, we leave with a piece of parenting advice. Don't make the same mistake:

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