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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Prince Harry Returns to London to Party

Prince Harry leaving the Brompton Club in Knightsbridge at 3am, one hour after ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy left via the side door. Harry had a strange white 'stain' on his jacket.

Prince Harry (Pacific Coast News) Moving on from his grueling days of military training, and the deserts of California, Prince Harry has returned to his partying ways in London.

While living in America, the royal redhead didn't just learn how to pilot Apache fighter helicopters. He also ate plenty of junk food, shopped at Walmart, flirted with blonde cocktail waitresses, and probably drank too much.

But despite all the fun he seemingly had abroad, we imagine Harry was overjoyed to return home. Why? Well, for starters, his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy lives there. And while many men avoid their former flings like the Plague, the Prince was spotted (via the Daily Mail) at an exclusive night club with Davy's in early December.

Only time will tell if those two get back together. But if it means anything, Harry met up with friends at Zefi Bar last night without his ex. Meaning: hope remains alive that the Prince and Pippa Middleton can still fall in love and have the most spectacular relationship ever imagined.

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