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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Week in Review: August 19

Jeez, how many weddings and babies can we fit in a week?

Tara Reid is, like, so totally married you guys. (Getty Images)While Kim Kardashian prepares for her massive wedding ceremony on Saturday, Joy Behar and Tara Reid both got married under the radar. Actress Heather Locklear and comedian David Cross both announced engagements (but not to each other, that would be weird), and Kat Von D and Jesse James got re-engaged after a high-profile split.

Tina Fey and Jessica Alba both welcomed new daughters into the world while Hilary Duff announced that she's pregnant. At this point, next year's favorite fashion accessories are going to be wedding bands and baby carriers.

Meanwhile a woman who knows a thing or two about baby carriers, Kate Gosselin, is on her way off the air. TLC announced this week that Kate Plus 8 has been cancelled, and its final episode will air September 12th. Jon Gosselin has (predictably) expressed his relief.

Speaking of relief, or rather relieving,Gerard Depardieu scarred an entire cabin full of airline passengers for life this week when he went oui oui in the aisle of an Air France flight. The actor has since apologized for his behavior, but not beforeAnderson Cooper broke down laughing on air while delivering a pun-filled account of the incident. (See video at right.)

While Air France did its best to distance itself from the episode, Abercrombie & Fitch attempted (and failed) to distance itself from hit show Jersey Shore. The clothing retailer drew fire for issuing a press release Tuesday night in which it offered the cast of Jersey Shorecash if they would stop wearing A&F clothes. The publicity stunt backfired as most people immediately recognized it as an ill-conceived publicity stunt, and the Shore guys had fun at A&F's expense on Twitter.

Justin Bieber Way (Courtesy of the City of Forney)So what else happened on the Twitter this week? For one Ellen DeGeneres complained that she hadn't been invited to Kim Kardashian's wedding and was promptly invited by the reality star herself. And two, Justin Bieber hit 12 million followers. That's more than the entire population of Greece. The Biebs had even more to celebrate this week as an enthusiastic Texas girl with political ambitions successfully got a street named after the Canadian singer. (Picture at left.)

But for all Justin's Swag, he's not rolling like Dr. Dre this week. Dre's portfolio went through the roof this week as HTC bought a 51% share in the rapper and producer's headphones company. The high-end Beats by Dr. Dre headphones brought Dre an astounding $309 million chunk of cash that's sure to get him to the top of the next Forbes round-up of the richest rappers.

The current king of that Forbes list is Jay-Z, who acted accordingly this week while celebrating the instant success of Watch the Throne, his collaboration with Kanye West. Following the album's rapid ascent to the top of the Billboard 200, Jay-Z dropped $250,000 on champagne while partying in Miami. He topped off the extravagant splurge with a $50,000 tip. Now that's how you pop bottles.

Before we wrap up this Week in Review, we'd like to take a moment to remember Taylor Momsen, who is now officially lost to the dark side. The kohl-eyed rocker chick left Gossip Girl nearly a year ago, and now she says she's quit acting to focus full-time on ripping fishnets, walking in ridiculous platform boots, and the strategic placement of electrical tape with her band the Pretty Reckless. Before we see young Taylor off into the wild world of rock 'n' roll, let's remember her the way she was. Here's a clip of her as Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

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