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Monday, 18 July 2011

Truth or forgery? Zac Efron has it really a third (or fourth) nipple?!

Zac Efron
One could think, considering the number of hours that a certain part of the population passes to study the photographs of Zac Efron without shirt, that one would not have any more surprises by looking at his barechested.
Forgery! Last week, the dermatologist Sandra Lee - apparently graduate of the university “I cannot what make my time” - at the same time shocked and disconcerted the world by announcing that after having observed the barechested of Efron, it had concluded that it had the same defect as Mark Wahlberg.
In other words: a third nipple.
It is true, it is not the first time that somebody it suggests, but it is well the first time that an accredited doctor makes officially this diagnosis. But is this true? Is this superfluous task really, as the dermatologist affirms it, a supernumerary nipple? You repair, because this rumour is…
AND ALSO: Zac leaves with another starlet Disney?!
False! Hide this rumour which I will not be able to see!
In spite of the declaration of Dr. Lee, the agent of Efron contradicted near E! News which the actor had a nipple in more (what is, one assumes it, one of the most unusual official statements that an agent had to emit on its customer).
In the press release which Dr. Lee published on this subject of the more high importance, it notes that the third nipple (also called additional nipple, pseudomamma, polythélie and polymastie… of nothing), “is not a completely formed nipple, very often. Sometimes, that can resemble a beauty spot.”
Or, you know, sometimes, that can precisely be a beauty spot. As that seems to be the case for Efron.
Then, go ahead, you can now blow.
All that wants to say that the shopgirls fans of High School Musical can again think that Zac is perfect under all the seams. And they did not need the opinion of a doctor for theirs to say.

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