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Monday, 18 July 2011

Finally! Katie Holmes explains the aversion of Suri for the coats

Katie Holmes, InStyle David Slijper/InStyle
Point out the parental police force, it is not its fault!
Although Katie Holmes was criticized on several occasions in connection with the look of Suri (of the high heels for a five year old girl?), there is a vestimentary choice which remains its pet peeve and which seems to worry the general public: aversion of Suri to carry coats, jackets or parkas, even when the thermometer falls below zero.
And although the question is not any more topicality now that the summer settled, Katie was finally explained on the dislike of his/her daughter to wear this clothing however essential.
As a cover for InStyle of August, Kate discussed with the magazine and agreed to describe, inter alia, one moment particularly humiliating of its life of mom.
“Recently, Suri and me, one walked and one disputed because the weather was cold and she refused to put her coat”, explains Holmes. “My philosophy is to say: “Good, very well, but you will make a block of houses and you will finish by me asking for your coat.” Then even if the photographs of it [without coat in the cold] are awkward, I said myself: “Suri, so much worse if me am criticized. You will put your coat when you are cold. ” “
Finally! Another solved mystery. Of course, count on the paparazzis to take photographs right at the time when Suri leaves without coat, thus unchaining the anger of the Net surfers as for competences of Katie as regards education. But Katie is accustomed to criticisms, now.
“It is a ceaseless battle. To each time I say myself: “Oh, so much better, that were calmed”, another lie leaves. I have the impression to spend my time saying: “Not, not, I am not like that!” I try not to go too much on Internet because I do not make a point of hearing the comments of people. But I know what one says. I am briefĂ©e. “
In this case, it must know that many people wait the day when Suri will become big sister.
“I am not in a hurry for that”, says it on the fact of increasing the family. “There is already very an big family. The house is full with the cousins who often come, and it has friends. All that is essential me, it is that one takes care of it well and that it is well.”
For the moment, Katie concentrates on its family and her career, although she entrusts her admiration for other actresses.
Then which is on the list of Holmes? Eh well, some of the partners of his Tom Cruise husband to the screen, to start.
“I adore Renee [Zellweger]. In my eyes, it can nothing make of evil. All the characters whom it incarnates touch me, because it is without claim. I adore also Amy Adams: it is so nice and talented, and with each time I see it, I want to become his friend… I saw It was once on several occasions with my daughter. Meryl Streep, of course. And I adore all that Cate Blanchett brings in each film that it turns.”
A star who appreciates the work of quality? It is really like us!

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