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Friday, 29 July 2011

Stars Who Have Sued Their Parents

From left: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Leighton Meester and LeAnn Rimes (Getty Images)

The Beatles taught us that "money can't buy [you] love." But if you're the mother of Leighton Meester, $7,500 a month can allegedly buy you plenty of Botox!

Leighton Meester (Getty Images)In a lawsuit filed this week in a Los Angeles County court, theGossip Girl star claimed her mother Constance had been receiving a monthly allowance under the agreement that she would spend the money on her ailing son's medical expenses. The only problem: Constance allegedly ignored the sick guy so she could inject poison into her face, with the noble hope of staving off the aging process.

Of course, this being the turbulent world of Hollywood, Meester is far from the first celebrity to sue his or her parents. In fact, we've got a whole list of stars who have taken legal action against their moms and dads. Check it out:

1. LeAnn Rimes
LeAnne+Rimes in CMA Country ChristmasDate: May 21, 2000.

: Her father, Wilbur Rimes and her former manager, Lyle Walker.

: The pop star claimed that her father and Walker maliciously stole more than $7 million in royalties from her over the course of five years. How? By allegedly exploiting her label, Asylum-Curb, and charging a series of unreasonable fees.

: It took a couple years, but in 2002 the lawsuit was dropped after the two parties came to an undisclosed settlement. Though, when you consider that Rimes invited Wilbur to her wedding, you've got to imagine she wasn't short changed. Besides, look how jolly she looks singing on top of those sailors. We dare you to find any sort of resentment in those eyes!

 2.The Situation Date: May 16,2011

Mike+Sorrentino in Comedy Central Roast Of Donald Trump - ArrivalsDefendants: His father, Frank Sorrentino.
Accusation: The Jersey Shore star claimed his pop was illegally profiting off his (Mike's) name and likeness. No, Frank wasn't waltzing into bars and showing off his abs -- though the mental image is amusing. Rather, he had set up a website,, where he posted multiple, profanity-laced anti-Situation tirades. According to the suit (and TMZ), Mike sought unspecified damages. But we're pretty sure he mainly wanted his dad to quit running his mouth.

Verdict: No trial was needed, as Mike agreed to drop the suit after pappa guido promised to stop trying to profit off his son's name.

3. Drew Barrymore
Drew+Barrymore in Covergirl Cosmetics' 50th Anniversary Party - ArrivalsDate: February 11, 1991.
Defendants: Her parents, John Drew and Jaid Barrymore.

Accusation: At the tender age of 15, the actress petitioned the courts for an emancipation decree. Not to be confused with Abe Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, the decree allowed the ETstar to prematurely become a legal adult. In other words, she sued her parents for the rights and privileges that any 18-year-old would be afforded, minus the ability to buy cigarettes, drink alcohol, vote or do anything else a young teen would want.

Verdict: The actress succeeded in her petition, meaning she was able to move into her own LA apartment. The decree also allowed her to choose her own film projects, like the classic 1992 thrillerPoison Ivy.

4. MacCaulay Culkin
Macaulay+Culkin in 29 August (1958) Michael Jackson Turns 50Date: March 1998.

Defendants: His dad, Christopher Culkin, and mom, Patricia Brentrup.

Accusation: The child star wanted to protect and control the cool $17 million he made off his enormously successfulHome Alone movies. But being a minor, Culkin's parents were responsible for managing the actor's fortune. His solution: sue those who brought him into this world!

Verdict: Seeing as Culkin's parents were divorced, the trial quickly evolved into a three-ring circus, with each party vying for control of the star's millions. The result: a Manhattan Supreme Court judge decided to bypass the family altogether and temporarily put the money in the hands of Culkin's accountant, Billy Breitner.

5. Gary Coleman
Gary+Coleman in 6th Annual Date: February, 1989.

Defendants: His parents, Willie and Sue Coleman.

Accusation: The Diff'rent Strokes star didn't just coin the phrase "What'choo talkin' bout, Willis," he also cashed in on it. At one point he was earning as much as $100,000 per episode, which coincidentally is the same amount The Situation gets paid to drink heavily and pretend he speaks Italian on the Jersey Shore. But Coleman -- a minor at the time -- was forced to sue his parents after they allegedly misspent his fortune.

Verdict: It took four years, but in 1993 the actor was awarded $1.3 million, leaving the child star "extremely pleased." Translation: he could buy more tracks for his train set. 

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