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Friday, 29 July 2011

Should J.Lo Date P Diddy Again?

(Getty Images | Bauer Griffin) 

In a month full of high profile celebrity splits, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony made headlines when they brought an end to their seven year marriage. As the 42-year-old pop star readjusts to her single life, we wonder if it's time J.Lo rekindles her relationship with P Diddy.

58 percent of you think Katy Perry looks hot as a blonde (Getty Images).But first, yesterday's poll: Despite the shocking new 'do, 58 percent of Gossipidos readers think Katy Perry looks great as a blonde. Of course, we could flip the results and say over 40 percent of you think it's an awful look, but we've always been more of the glass half full types. That said, given Perry's now a Smurf, we think her blue locks might have worked better. No?

What we're less confident would work, however, is Lopez and Diddy round two. Let's look at the positives though. Both of these musicians are single. They share a common love for acronyms. And most importantly, they've already dated!

Sure, J.Lo described their breakup in 2000 as "ugly." But to be fair, that was more than a decade ago. So really, we'll just leave it up to you to decide their fate: 


  1. For me? YES!!!! Although i Neva supported their splitting or know the reason why she and Marc spit but it happened so i would like to see her go back to diddy.

  2. What can. ℓ̊ say , maybe they should. ℓ̊ too didn't support their splitting but then again maybe j lo was too hot for marc...


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