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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Pippa's a Hot New Baby Name, Kate's Handwriting Is Analyzed

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What's been going on with the royal family inner circle this week? Well, a handwriting expert claims Kate's penmanship signifies she should've been a teacher, "royal rebel" Zara Phillips is opting for a low-key wedding, and Pippa's taken off as a trendy new baby name. Also, nude hosiery is selling off the shelves since the Middleton girls started wearing the old-fashioned tights!


Pippa+Middleton in Pippa Middleton in Chelsea 
Pippa Is a New Baby Name Trend
The royal little sister has become famous for her legs, butt, romantic life, and now she's going to be remembered for generations. Last year, Philippa (as well as its nickname Pippa) didn't even crack the top 400 in the baby name list. A site called Nameberry says the popularity of Pippa has skyrocketed and it's projected to be one of the top names this year. It's always fascinating to watch the trends of celebrity-inspired baby names.

Zara Phillips Is Having a Low-Key Wedding

The eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth watched Kate Middleton marry at the wedding of the century, and now it's Phillips' turn – minus all the pomp and circumstance. This weekend the "royal rebel" and her rugby player beau Mike Tindall will say their vows in a low-key ceremony at Canongate Kirk in Scotland. Kate will be a bridesmaid at the "small" ceremony, but of course "small" is a relative term. The festivities kick off tonight with a yacht fete.

Sheer Leggings Flying Off Shelves Because of Middleton Sisters

Pantyhose are usually categorized as a fashion accessory best suitable for funerals or 70-year-old women. Not for long. Since Kate and Pippa Middleton have started donning the sheer hosiery, they've been flying off the shelves! An executive at Kayser-Roth Hosiery says sales of nude hose were up 12% in the U.S. in May. "The demand for very sheer, nude and transparent looks is not an accident — it’s being driven by London and it’s all about being very elegant," she told WWD.


Kate+Middleton in The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Depart Los Angeles 
Kate's Handwriting Shows She Could be a Great School Teacher

A handwriting expert has observed a letter written by Kate and claimed her penmanship indicates she'd be a perfect fit for academia. Elaine Quigley, a former chairperson of the British Institute of Graphologists, says the princess's cursive signifies she has a natural instinct for punctuality, openness, patience, promptness, and efficiency. "The flow of Kate’s script with rightward slant and joined letters shows a writer who reaches out toward others," Quigley said. If aristocracy doesn't work out for Kate, at least she could always go into teaching.

The Princess' Old Car Is Now Off the Market
Last week we reported that Sonny Brazil, the owner of Kate's old indigo-blue Volkswagen, had put the car up for auction on eBay. While he bought it for a thrifty $2,300 a few years back, this week he received a highest bid of $78,000! So is he going to sell the heirloom even if museums or serious collectors might pay six figures for it down the road? Nah, he's closed the auction and is in no rush to trade it in quite yet. "It was more of a test to see what the car would make and how many people would be interested," he said. "Someone actually emailed me from America saying I'd be ... [crazy] to sell the car because it'll only increase in value." And these days, Brazil's upgraded to a BMW convertible. Lucky guy.


Prince+Harry in Prince Harry Presents The King George IV and Queen Elizabeth Stakes Trophy At Ascot 
Prince Harry Will Be A Comic Character

Somewhere between the magnets, chocolates, ash trays, and condoms, we got bored of all the royal paraphernalia. Comic publisher Bluewater is still producing its "Royal Series" books and their latest character will be Prince Harry. The new comic will cover Harry's "upbringing with his mother Princess Di and his father Prince Charles, to his wild partying and his military experience." We might give in to reading it just to see a comic-version of Prince Harry stumbling out of the Whiskey Mint club on a late Saturday night.

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