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Monday, 18 July 2011

Is Angelina Jolie worth really 30 million dollars per annum? And is Jennifer Aniston worth some less?

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston Jason Merritt/Getty Images;
Did Angelina Jolie empoché 30 million dollars last year? Really? Is it worth them, and is worth it more than Jennifer Aniston, who gained 28 million?
- Jean V., via the inbox
Eh well! It would be said that somebody holds so that I make perdurer the Briseuse quarrel of Hearth against Chouchoute of America… I pass, thank you.
But I can say to you why Hollywood considers Angelina Jolie - and Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Jessica Parker, who all were classified like best paid by Forbes - as deserving each centime. And why these sums could even be lower than reality:
Not need to go to further see that the boxoffice, the incomes which these women make return, in the whole world, to each time they are presented on a plate. For example, The Tourist, the film which was, apparently, supposed being a thriller. In spite of the fact that Johnny Depp was the Co-high-speed motorboat, the critics hated film and, like Forbes points out it, one would have said “that was going to be a commercial failure after a rather poor boxoffice of 16 million dollars the first weekend in the American rooms”.
But then, there was the remainder of planet.
“Grace especially to the international markets”, known as Forbes, “film gained 280 million dollars, confirming the popularity of Pretty out of the United States.”
Thus 30 million dollars can appear enormous like annual salary, until to you put them beside the 280 million. And there, the 30 million appears more reasonable.
According to E. Barry Haldemann, former executive of Paramount currently lawyer in the entertainment world, one speaks only about very large the stars, the “A-list”, those which can carry a film on their shoulders.
Only these people-there can require, and receive, 20 million dollars per film, in addition to 20% of the incomes.
“They are actors who, according to the point of view of the studios, will attract people in the cinemas”, Haldeman said to us. “When one sets up a film, everyone wants to know which is attached to the project before going from before and to spend of the money. It is really based on what likes the public.”
As for Aniston, it undoubtedly gains a little less because its films pay less. Its comedy of last year, a very modern Family, gained less than 45 million dollars in the whole world; The Bargain hunter gained 131 million, which is already not badly, but they are not 280 million. Admittedly, the film of Pretty had as Johnny Depp, rather as Gerald Butler, but less money in general means less income for the main actors.
As for Sarah Jessica Parker, it seems to earn money not only thanks to its films (No how…), but also with its mark of beauty products. According to Forbes, its perfumes Lovely, Covet and NYC, brought back 18 of the 30 million to him which it empochés in 2010.
A last fact: the sums announced by Forbes could be underestimated a little.
“These stars have gifts enormously in kind”, told us Haldeman. “Of tens of flights return ticket for them and their entourage, of the continuations and houses of hiring, the personal cooks. Thus their wages pupil cannot be not to 20 million dollars per annum. Perhaps it rises to 21,5 million, because these advantages cost 1,5 million.”
1,5 million dollars in kind, just because you are Angelina Jolie? Absolutely.
But good, it is always nothing beside the 280 million dollars…

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