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Monday, 18 July 2011

The ex-goddess Bree Olson speaks triolism, porn and of the parts of legs in the air with Charlie Sheen

Bree Olson, Charlie Sheen Ethan Miller/Getty Images; John Sciulli/Getty Images
Not astonishing that it was selected to be one of the goddesses of Charlie Sheen.
Bree Olson speaks triolisms, of the parts of legs in the air with the deposed actor and, of course, of its “victory” since it left Sheen and stopped the porn.
The 24 year old young girl, who broke with the transfered actor of My Uncle Charlie and left Sober Valley Lodge in April, entrusted to Playboy how it was of living with him and what it was worth with the pile.
You are listened to, Bree!
As regards the sexual life of the star, Olson entrusted that it agreed to live with Sheen because he was a large fan of some (or all) his 250 skin flicks and that he had invited it at his place to meet it. It immediately settled at his place, with another goddess, Natalie Kenly, and they slept with the actor in turn.
Fortunately that the ex-star of the porn had only compliments to make on the buffooneries of Sheen and his prowesses with the bed, if not, it would have been quickly described as troll and would have been the last target of the torpedo of truth.
“It is intelligent, it has charisma, it is super funny”, it entrusted to the magazine. She added: “It is good with the pile. Inevitably, it has much drive.”
Olson (of its true name Rachel Oberlin) described Sheen as somebody “of tending with full with regards” to the bed. Hein? One speaks well about the type which was shown of aggression, on several occasions?
And it does not stop there.
“It is true a rock'n'roll star”, says it. “It is an engine. It is somebody of very sensual and very sexual, and when I was with him, I had the impression to do only one with him because it is very attracting sexually.”
As for the rumours according to which the goddesses had triolisms with the actor, it clarifies what really occurred under the covers.
“It is a lie”, says it on what occurred between it and Kenly. “I did not even know it. Good, of agreement, one found all the three unit twice, I believe. They made their tricks, and Charlie and me, our tricks were made. But there was each one our bed. One went in our bed, and it chose that which it wanted. Kind: “Where I will sleep this evening? ” “
She does not live any more at Sheen, but Olson did not leave Los Angeles for as much. It tries to be reconverted into the cinema general public and to play in films where it will not have to withdraw its clothing.
“I can arrive there”, says it. “I gain too much in this moment.”

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