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Friday, 15 February 2013

New Movie Trailer - Trance

Official trailer trance

After dealing with the weighty implications of self-inflicted amputation and socioeconomic disparity in India, Danny Boyle was probably ready for a genre film with a little more fun and action to it. Trance stars James McAvoy as an art thief who finds himself double-crossed by ringleader Vincent Cassel, who's no stranger to thieving. Unfortunately for Cassel, part of the betrayal involves knocking McAvoy on the noggin, causing him to forget where he stashed the goods of the heist. That's when Rosario Dawson comes in to work some kind of Inception magic to extract the lost memory.

The new Red Band trailer is less kinetic than the original, but it's a lot more graphic. If you're at all queasy when it comes to seeing people's insides, be warned. 


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