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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Selena Gomez Parties with That Supermodel Who Was Rumored to Be Behind the Bieber Breakup

Selena Gomez seems to be handling the breakup with Justin Bieber better than most would. She's hitting up awards shows, smiling her way down red carpets, and hanging out with Barbara Palvin — the Victoria's Secret model who supposedly got too flirty with Bieber just days before he and Gomez split.
A little catchup if you need it: During a rocky point in Bieber and Gomez's romance, Selena was rumored to be far from pleased to discover multiple photos of Biebs and Palvin hanging out backstage at the VS fashion show, followed by another photo of the 19-year-old Hungarian bombshell standing in front of Justin's tour bus. It didn't take long for people (Selena probably included) to speculate that Palvin and Bieber were more than casual acquaintances. Much to many tweens' dismay, Selena and Justin broke up shortly thereafter.

Cut to Sunday night's Golden Globes. The festivities bled into a bunch of star-studded after parties, one of which was attended by both Gomez and Palvin. Lo and behold, the supposed nemeses ran into each other and instead of brawling, they shared polite conversation and posed for the cameras. Go figure. 
Was the Palvin/Bieber/Gomez drama simply manufactured by the press, or was Gomez just putting on a happy face so as not to make a scene at a fancy affair? Let us know what you make of the photos with a comment down below

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