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Saturday, 19 January 2013

10 Reasons To Start A Blog Today

Reasons To Start A Blog Today
Hello Friends, when I started blogging, I didn’t know the great benefits that would come out of it. I just knew I wanted to have a blog that mattered.

Today’s post, I’ll cover some of the rewards you can get from blogging. Some I’ve experienced already and others I’ve seen happen.

You might be interested in blogging, but need that last push to get started. You might see bloggers having fun and you want to experience it.

If you were on the fence about blogging, I hope I’ll have you convinced afterwards.

1. You will meet a variety of great people.
Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve gotten to know some awesome people online. Not only do I love what they write and what they’re doing, but I love getting to know them.

I know I’ll meet more in person in the near future.

I’ve read stories of people who’ve attended Blog World or World Domination Summit and finally met long time blogging friends, and made new ones. I have seen bloggers arrange to meet up for interesting discussions and generally to have a great time tigether.

You know what I’ve found too? Bloggers are some of the nicest people out there. My example would be linda Ikeji .

2. Blogging is a great creative outlet

A blog is like a blank canvas. It’s up to your imagination how you want it to look.
When customizing my Standard Theme, I spent some time thinking about it. I probably could have spent more if I didn’t stop myself. I enjoyed every creative minute of it.

Writing is obviously a great creative outlet. You take a bunch of ideas and make it into something that evokes an emotion in readers.

People have different ways to unleash their creativity, and right now blogging is my favorite way.

3. It can lead to publishing a book

It does seem like some bloggers would love to publish a book. With a blog, if you’ve built up a huge audience you, that could help in your book proposal. Even if you don’t go the traditional route, you could self publish on the Kindle, which many are doing today.

Pamela Slim has a book called Escape From Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur (great book), which started out as a blog by the same name. She didn’t start the blog with the intention of writing a book, but later was approached to write a book on her expertise.

Another blog to book is 1000 Awesome Things, by Neil Patel.

Neil started posting awesome things every weekday, got a book deal, and it turned into a New York Times #1 bestseller.

There is a blog called Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander. He says it’s about “a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. They are pretty predictable.”

He got a book deal after three months (wow) and it turned into a New York Times bestseller, aptly called Stuff White People Like and now Whiter Shades of Pale.

Jenny Blake, another blog to book blogger (say that five times fast), wrote a guest post on the pros and cons of it. Great for those interested in publishing.

4. It can make you money

A blogger can earn pennies or six figures a month. If you become an authority in your area, you could offer coaching, consulting, sell products, promote products, or have advertising.

Many blogs don’t make that much money, but you can make something from it. It might not be much, but it’s not bad writing on a topic you’re passionate about.

Any topic could eventually lead to earning income. Overheard in New York posts overheard comments and conversations from anonymous New Yorkers. The site earned an estimated $8,100 each month (figure from 2007) and a book was published.

Perez Hitlon started blogging about celebrities and now attracts four million unique visits each day. Ad revenue for the site is estimated at $111,000 a month!

Linda Ikeji and bellaNaija are local examples of bloggers who make huge monthly returns from blogging

I could keep naming blogs in different areas that make money.

I just want to say that just having a blog doesn’t mean you’ll make money. However, the potential is out there.

5. You can make a difference

The first thing that comes to mind is using your blog as a way to raise money for a charity.

Tim Ferris does it often on his blog.

After the Japan earthquake and tsunami, I saw tweets about a fundraiser organized by Lavonne Ellis. A donation gave you a bunch of products donated by bloggers to help your blog and business grow. Plus you were entered in a drawing for some premium products and services.

I just read they raised $5,385 plus got a matching grant to double the amount! It’s really cool that a bunch of bloggers did that.

It doesn’t just have to be amount money. You can bring attention about issues in your community, nation, or the world. You can make a difference in many ways through your blog.

6. It can give you a voice

A blog lets you be heard. The blog is your platform. You can share whatever you want with your readers. You can share your opinion. You can teach. You can inspire. You can inform.

The important thing is it’s coming from you. You have a voice.

7. You can help people

If you’ve gone through a particular life experience, you can start a blog on that topic to help others going through the same thing.
It could be anything from helping guys pick up girls to surviving depression to growing a garden. The possibilities are endless what you could write that would help people.

8. It could lead to some unexpected opportunities

I’ve read bloggers get invited on trips by companies wanting exposure for their products. Some bloggers receive products to review and get to keep.
You could land a movie role. Pat Flynn, through a podcast on his blog, got asked to be a social media consultant on a film. As part of the deal, he asked to be an extra in the movie. They said yes.
Kimberly Snyder spent years learning about better eating for health and beauty. She started a blog on that topic and got picked up by the press. Celebrities found out and hired her. Now she is a highly sought after nutritionist for many of the entertainment industry’s top celebrities and author of the best-selling book, The Beauty Detox Solution.

9. You can be an authority

If you do things right and long enough, you could be an authority in your niche.

    Pat Flynn has become a go to person for online passive income .
    Darren Rowse is an authority on blogging.
    Chris Guillebeau is an authority on nonconformity and travel hacking.
    Brian Kelly is an authority on maximizing travel rewards.
    Chris Ducker is an authority on hiring virtual assistants.
    Matt Fraizer is an authority on being a vegan and an athlete.

You could become an expert on any topic that you can possibly think of. The great thing is you don’t even need to be an expert when you begin blogging. You become one over time.

10. You’ll improve your writing

In order to be a better writer, you should write more.
I hated English class my senior year in secondary school. I barely read the novels and didn’t like writing essasy. So I never thought I was a good writer.
As I got older, I found an itch to write. However, I didn’t have much confidence in my writing. I didn’t think I sucked, but I knew I wasn’t that great.
Having a blog and writing on a consistent basis gets you to write more. I’ve written so much in the past year and lots of it not worthy of publishing. That’s okay because it still allows me to work on being a better writer.
Learn to Start a Blog the Right Way in 2013

If you’re looking to start a blog this year, You could learn by reading all the free information online.  Learn more about blogging and sign up today.

Sound like fun?

If you’re thinking about starting, or just recently started, I hope I’ve shown some great rewards from blogging. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and hard work if you really want to get massive benefits from it. The ones I mentioned above have spent years to get to where they are.
However they have one thing in common, they were all beginners just like you.
So if they can do it, you can too.

Blogging has been a life changer for me and I’d still blog even if I won the lottery. I’m having that much fun.

I want the same for you. So don’t wait any longer. Get started.


  1. What a detailed and well researched article on reasons to start a blog. I think you pretty much nailed everything. What surprised me was the satisfaction i get from it as a creative outlet. I’m a horrible writer but i enjoy the whole aspect of learning like you. from designing, to planning to the analytics and marketing.
    i can think of a couple more reasons to blog:

    You mentioned the book reason already but i have a friend who started a blog to support her self published book.

    Families wanting to keep other family members up to date on family stuff.

    A company blog to put updates about products and the innards of the company.

    An online journal

    So much more

    1. Hello Ann, Thanks for the input..There really are many great reasons to start a blog. Best of all some can come completely free and you dont need a penny to start one.
      Im glad you like the article.

  2. I am really looking forward to starting my blog. It’s taking a while but I’m going to get it up one of these days. I want to help and inspire people. I also want to meet people from around the country and possibly the world.. I would also like to get the opportunity to work with different bloggers around the net and maybe collaborate on a few projects..

    Great post , Thanks man.

  3. There can’t be a better time to start blogging than the times that we live in.You can create a blog based on your life experience and you will be shocked how many people will be interested in that.

    Thanks a lot that is really a great post you have there. You gave strong reasons why everyone should start a blog.

  4. I blog because I want the world to listen to what I have say. Blogging in indeed filled with fun and offers a great opportunity for networking.

    1. Blogging is filled with fun No doubt and yes it offers great opportunity for networking which can lead to other interesting aspects of the world wide web.
      Am glad you know that already. Thanks for the response

  5. very inspiring post. Thanks a lot.
    Just discovered your blog today and I am excited to see what else you have in store for this blog!

  6. Just came across your blog as I have been researching a bunch in prep to launch my blog and am really enjoying itThis list is a great reminder of why I was attracted to blogging. A while ago I just thought it was about making money, and that was never enough to make me push thru the learning curve and put the effort it. But I came up with a list (similar to this list) of why I wanted to blog recently and I realized that money barely even cracked the top 10 and I knew why I was ready to put the work in. Thank you very much for this

  7. Fantastic! Opening the eyes of many why people are writing blogs, not just “to earn money”. I am planning to write for my small business at home and this motivated me
    Thank you!

  8. Awesome post and most inspirational. I like the reminder "They all were beginners like we are"!

    Blogging offers benefits in innumerable ways but equally true is it requires dedication, consistency and a HUGE patience.


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