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Friday, 17 August 2012

Who is Laila Ikeji? And what is her connection to linda Ikeji?

I decided to ask this question today because of a twitter battle going on right now between linda ikeji and veteran broke/poor actor Jim ike . A couple of hours ago, jim's picture was posted on nairaland, the forum where all the sick Nigerians meet and share ideas, apparently he was in  Amsterdam and eating corn or something and that somehow made the headlines on the forum site. Now immediately this came to the attention of jim iyke, he started insulting linda ikeji, calling her linda ikaja and ikejie in some cases and he seemed pretty worked up about it. Anyways you all know the story , linda responded calmly and tried to explain to the broke actor that it didn't come from her or her blog, she even called him a darling and blew some twitter kisses to the fraudster but the poor actor jimmy didn't listen to reason.Things kinda went out of hand and the lovely linda ikeji called broke jimmy boy "a child' because he was ranting too much i guess. 

He kept on ranting and retweeting some "run's girs" tweets in the hopes that his fans were on his side, whereas , those girls were just looking to get laid and score some cash from him, Anyways he somehow inferred that laila was connected somehow to linda ikeji , When he tweeted, :that other linda is a wannabe,wont waste words on her, her madame plys d biz of image destruction on a larger scale, let them all stew. Now jimmy boy are you advising them to make stew or something? Anyways , back to the point, what was this broke ass black motherfucker referring to when he said linda ikeji was laila ikejis madame? Hell are they related? are they sister's? Someone help me out. And pardon my french , after reading all of jim iyke's tweets, i concluded that he was really a broke ass nigger. 
And he's fans, bunch of faggots. This i cannot say about linda ikeji and her fans. And for those of you who would get angry with me for calling broke jimmy boy's fans faggots, lets not forget his tweets... '''@teemorney: even faggots now bad mouth me, Tis a sad started it!!!!!!!


  1. Don't mind that good for nothing poor brat called jim iyke. He still has not appoligised to that diva . Mugu man

  2. Everybody knows he does not have his priorities straight in life na, no wonder linda ikeji didn't reply him or even write about him in her blog, he's looking for cheap popularity I guess

  3. Come he couldn't see that it wasn't linda ikeji that posted the story? Dumbass boy. He was just looking for a battle to make him popular. Ou know once you have a fight with linda the whole africa hears about it. Silly poor boy jim

  4. Lwkmd o, jim iyke is a sick motherfucker I swear

  5. @poster what's your own inside? Abywhow sha jim iyke fuck up full time.


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