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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sexy Female prison officer jailed for having illicit relationships with convicts

A woman prison officer who swapped sexy letters and phone calls with three inmates was jailed for 12 months today. Zanib Khan, 27, had ‘illicit relationships’ with two drug dealers incarcerated at HMP Brixton and a third prisoner at Ford open prison in Sussex.
Khan shared nearly ten hours of intimate calls with the men on a secret phone she hid from her prison bosses and her personal phone.
Police also found sexually explicit love letters from prisoners at her home she smuggled out of jail stuffed inside her uniform. 
Khan had relationships with Timothy Iyegbe (nigerian??), Daryl Smith and Jason Graham, between March and November 2011.
Police believe she was close to four other prisoners over three years.
Khan, who joined the prison service to pay for a law qualification, also covered up the fact her father and her boyfriend were both serving prisoners when she took up her post.
Judge David Higgins today jailed Khan for 12 months for what he described as ‘deplorable and deeply antisocial behaviour’.
He said: ‘The period of offending is approximately eight months between March and November 2011. ‘Inevitably that means you embarked on a knowing, sustained, voluntary, and indeed gross breach of trust. It is the very denial of that which you are employed to do. Your behaviour was both deplorable and deeply antisocial and the public will be rightly shocked by that behaviour by someone in your position. It certainly diminishes confidence in the prison service.’
The court heard Khan began work at HMP Feltham in 2009 before moving to HMP Brixton, in south west London.
She had been the subject of internal disciplinary proceedings prior to the discovery of the raunchy texts and letters after it was discovered she had been visiting her father and boyfriend Wahid Khalique in jail.
Khan was arrested on January 26, 2012, and officers found the box for the illicit phone in her bedroom. In interview she denied any involvement with the three men and attempted to frame her younger sister Zahira.
Daughters of Jezebel! She wants to fabricate lies against her own blood sister...

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