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Monday, 11 June 2012

Pa Enebeli Enebuwa Broke the rules, that's why hes still sick-Pastor Sign Fireman Rants

Imagine what we are hearing from online blogs and social media outlets.
Pastor Sign Fireman, Boastefully saying he healed veteran actor Pa Enebeli Enebuwa,and that he warned Enebeli of some things he needed to heed to in order to keep his healing intact.  i mean lets face it, only God heals and not any dick and harry pastor who has been caught on tape before saying you have to entice members to bring money to his church(Perfect Christianity Mission, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos) in a session with his pastors and also ran  an advert campaign for the church saying "ALL THE HOT GIRLS GO TO Perfect Christianity Mission, EXCEPT YOU'' with some flimsy models on the cover making the entire campaign look like a night club bash. Also after each miracle jesus did he never gave people conditions telling them to heed to this and that for their healing process to be complete. 

In his words: I warned Enebeli of some things he needed to heed to in order to keep his healing intact. 

The conditions  were; 
1. Stop thinking about house. (Only God knows what he meant here)

2. Take your(Pa enebeli) mind off marital challenges and

3. You can then have Your healing

He  told that he warned Enebeli of mixing his faith with doctrines of white garment churches which his wife attends but the actor failed to heed this warning.
He then asked of what union does light has with darkness?
He said Enebeli's condition may have worsened due to his inability to complete his healing process. He said some healing miracles need to be nurtured into maturity. 
"In the video I gave you (reffering to Enebeli said he had not walked for five months, but he walked after I healed him-((This makes me go mad each time i hear this.Healing ko Healing ni.))
"After that day, I never saw him again. I told him to always visit the church to go through a healing process. This is a common thing with healing ministries. Why would he say I didn't heal? Why would he say my healing was fake?
He said some people held his legs while he was walking. Tell me in the video with you where people held his legs to walk? I still don't want to believe he said that," Pastor Fireman told 
Clearing the air on the video posted online, Pastor Fireman said he is not responsible for that. He said he has never and will never do such.
"I don't need Pa Enebeli's healing to authenticate my healing and miracle ministry. I have healed top Hollywood actors of AIDS and other diseases, why didn't I post them online?
"His healing miracle is not near the biggest miracle I have performed. So, why would I want to take glory for his healing?" the pastor asked. Just imagine ranting utterances . I wonder what goes on in his church members head. 

For some months now, the actor has been bedridden over his poor health condition diagnosed as stroke. 
He was reported to have been healed by Pastor Sign Fireman of Perfect Christianity Mission, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos some weeks ago. A video was posted online through YouTube showing the actor walking.
Two weeks ago, Pa Enebeli cried out that people should not believe the video online about him walking. Enebeli reportedly claimed that the purported healing claims of Pastor Fireman was fake. 
A family representative also told two weeks ago that the actor's condition worsened after he visited the pastor's church some weeks ago.
In an exclusive interview with  Pastor Sign Fireman said Pa Enebeli visited his church on March 6 and was healed same day after the actor begged him to help his health condition.
Pa Enebeli is presently in an Abuja hospital receiving treatment. 

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