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Monday, 28 May 2012

Lady Gaga Could Be Arrested for Being Too Sexy

Lady Gaga is often too sexy for her shirt, which doesn't really fly on the opposite side of the globe. But she doesn't care—just like Miley Cyrus, she can't be tamed. Also in music news, Beyonce hopes her upcoming New Jersey gigs communicate that as a new mom. she's even "more grounded and more like you," and M.I.A. has joined the Roc Nation.

 Last week, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel a date on her Born This Way Ball after she was denied a permit to perform in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Prior to the cancellation, Islamic leaders and politicians protested the concert, which led to threats of physical violence that left police uncertain if they'd be able to guarantee safety at the show. When the singer arrived in Manila a few days later, she was greeted by protestors belonging to a group called Biblemode Youth Philippines.

Despite the conservative backlash, however, the show will go on unaltered. Gaga's manager Troy Carter told Singapore's The Straits Times that the performer was not "provocative for the sake of being provocative," and would not change the show.

Gaga has shrugged off most of the criticism. On May 22, she tweeted, "And don't worry, if I get thrown in jail in Manila, Beyonce will just bail me out. Sold out night 2 in the Philippines. I love it here!

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