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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mom allows intruder to rape her to save young daughter

Mom allows intruder to rape her to save young daughter align=

A 38-year-old woman allowed an intruder to rape her repeatedly while her four children were locked in a nearby room in Malaysia.

The housewife consented to the rape when the thief held a scissor near her neck and told her that he would rape one of her daughters. She told the thief to rape her and spare her girl, reports New Straits Times.

The husband was away on a business trip.

The incident occurred in the early hours around 5.45am when everyone was sleeping in the house. The intruder allegedly broke a window to enter the house. He woke up the housewife and asked her to hand over all valuables.

He bundled up cash, two mobile phones, bracelet, a pair of earrings and handed them over. Then, the thief told the woman about his intention to rape one daughter.

The children had woken up by then. The intruder rounded them up and locked them in a room and proceeded to rape their mother.

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