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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Job Vacancies Politicized

The Delta state government under the leadership of Dr Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan and his team of so called transformers has turned Delta state into their personal properties making life unbearable for the common man and the average youth.
Out of frustration occasioned by the selfish leadership style and governance of the State Governor and his team, graduates of Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education of Delta state origin are now subjecting their persons to different illegal businesses as an option for survival. The hope is going hopeless day after day as the Government shows no concern, but rather takes delight in making the poor become poorer.
Today, vacancies are no more advertised. The essence of due process and transparency in Government has been abandoned as vacancies are now concealed by the government and its officials.
The government says there are no vacancies and that the civil service is over populated but every day of the week, including weekends, appointment letters are issued.

Appointments are shared as slots to top government officials, who in turn give them to relatives or sell them to unemployed indigenes.

I have friends that have graduated for 7years, done postgraduate degrees with good grades and high sense of intellectual reasoning that can transform any sector of the public service, but these fellows have been reduced to street urchins.
No job vacancies, but the Governor, for fear of being ruined, selected 50 persons from members of the ‘OCCUPY WARRI GROUP’ and gave them employment.
Shall we continue to see and keep shut? For how long will these political rascals run Delta like a restaurant?
I am not against the government, but I speak for development and against unfair treatment given to my friends and my fellow Deltans who deserve a better life after good education. Just like the wordings of the popular Nigerian singer and Rapper Rugged Man. “I speak my mind and I go still speak more.”
Release and advertised available vacancies for they are ours and strictly our exclusive rights.

Source: By Okuchukwu Eromosele Chukwuka, Sahara Reporters.

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