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Monday, 27 February 2012

Celebrity Trending Now: Angelina Jolie's Leg Mocked, Has a Twitter Account(@AngiesRightLeg )

 Amazing the leg is isnt it?
"Angelina Jolie is our hottest trending star!" one of ABC's many Oscar correspondents gushed as they analyzed which of the Academy Award attendees was getting the most "tweeting" on "Twitter". If they knew what people were discussing, they didn't mention it. And that "it," if you don't already know, was her peculiar stage presence. 
The whole "I invented the phrase 'good evening'" thing wasn't especially surprising. Nor was her eerily confident casing of the room that seemed to suggest  she could braid the spines of those who made direct eye contact. But the oddest part was definitely the blatent showcasing of her right leg. 
Proving that you should never assume you're the sexiest / coolest / whateverist person in the room, especially when next up on stage is a former member of the Groundlings comedy troupe, was the very funny Jim Rash who took the stage after winning Best Adapted Screenplay and busted out a near spot-on Jolie pose. 
Here's what some Tweeters were saying:
"I hope that one day Angelina Jolie makes her Oscar leg into a lamp, so that I may purchase that lamp."
"Angelina Jolie looks like an Angelina Jolie sex doll."
"Her leg even has it's own Twitter account now." 
"Check out this leg over here!"

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