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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Shan George survives fatal accident

Click for Full Image SizeWhat would have amounted to another tragedy in Nollywood was avoided recently when star actress Shan George, miraculously survived a fatal domestic accident.The life-threatening mishap that kept the bubbly entertainer bed-ridden for over two months was eventually taken care of the traditional way when succour was not forthcoming from orthodox treatment.
Speaking on why she had been out of circulation, especially in the make-believe world, the mulatto mother of two, disclosed that a domestic disaster kept her indoors for several months.

In the words of the actress turned singer, her being alive today was by the grace of God.

“Sincerely, some months ago, if somebody had told me I would be alive and still move freely with my two legs and whole body, I would have objected. I was home alone at my Ikeja, Lagos residence early this year and slipped off in my bathroom after a cold shower and immediately passed out for five hours. When I finally woke up, I discovered that I could not move any part of my body again. In fact, I thought I was paralyzed. I eventually summoned courage and crawled to my sitting room, picked my phone and alerted my neighbours, who came to my rescue.”

Miss George, further disclosed that her male neighbours that eventually rescued and rushed her to the hospital, actually met her stark naked. “That was to tell you the impact of what happened to me,” she added.

The former controversial actress, who has now fully recovered said she was moved from a specialist hospital after some weeks, to a traditional bone-setters home, when her condition deteriorated.

“Thank God, I’m fully back on my feet again and decided to volunteer myself for the Christy Essien’s memorial and other activities leading to her recent burial. As a sign of respect, her event was the first I would be attending since recovering from my domestic accident,” she explained

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