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Friday, 16 September 2011

Genevieve, Omoni Oboli Clash Again!:It’s not payback time for Genevieve - BON

The last year edition of BON award, Omoni Oboli took away the star prize of first class trip to Dubia, $10,000 USD and a movie contract from SunLight sponsorer of the Creamy and Fresh category with likes of Genevieve and Mercy Johnson.

This category of award which causes a lot of riffs among Genevive and Omoni Oboli online social pages as Genevieve tweet on her page that she deserve the awards, meanwhile many of her (Genevieve) fans across the world support her opposing Oboli for been awarded as the best actress in the category and also condemn the organiser of BON for been impartial with the way they organize awards in the industry, unlike the international awards.

WWW.NIGERIAFILMS.COM contacting the Organizer of BON after the release of the nominees and categories of this year of the Best of Nollywood Awards, where Genevieve and Omoni Oboli in the same category as the Best Actress of the year 2011, when asked if this edition is a payback time to settle the accusation of Genevieve and fans against Omoni Oboli. The Organiser of BON stated discloses that ‘It’s not a payback time for anybody, we have over 190 movies submitted and we also have our judges. Moreover, Genevieve and Omoni was fall in the same category this year and the voting counts will declare anybody who has the height vote winner. Based on what people are saying concerning last edition winner that she (Omoni Oboli) doesn’t deserve to be the winner, many don’t understand that actor and actress are not just nominated ordinarily, they nominated base on how much people vote for their movies. Omoni Oboli won the award with her movie titled “Anchor Baby” because she got the highest vote, he explained.

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