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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Exclusive Interview: Brandy, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

Brandy (Getty)

Brandy (Getty)Since she first rose to fame as the title character on the hit sitcom Moesha and then sang her way through the '90s, R&B singer and actress Brandy has evolved into a true Renaissance woman. In two seasons of VH1's Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, the 30-year-old has proven her ability to work hard while navigating the behind-the-scenes side of the entertainment industry.

Following a successful stint on Dancing With the Stars, Brandy has had her hands full between a new record deal with RCA, a starring role as a would-be senator on 90210 and her daughter, S'rai Iman. But thanks to her low-key sense of style, gracious attitude and passion to be the best at what she does, Brandy makes it all look impossibly easy. Recently added to Brandy's laundry list of skills? She became trained as a makeup artist!

When we sat down with the go-getter, she gave us all the details on her exciting new projects, style tips for the mom on-the-go and her number one makeup secret. See what else the star had to share!

StyleBistro: Do you have any fashion moments you wish you could redo?
Brandy: Some of the Moesha days...I was really colorful in some instances and you kind of look back on those and think 'Oh my god what was I wearing?' But even then I was fearless in my fashion. I was a little bit more limited because I was trying to stay within my age range in terms of dressing, but I don't regret it, of course not. But some things you think 'Oh my lord what was going on?'

SB: What are your style tips for working moms like yourself?
Brandy: A heel can make a T-shirt and a jean look like a million dollars. Just throw a heel on, throw some accessories on. Do a light face makeup, foundation and a little powder, a little mascara and a little lip and you're good.

SB: What fall trends are you most excited for?
Brandy: You know what, I don't know if this is just a trend but I love the way socks look with heels. I don't know if that's just trendy, but I told my stylist I wanted to try that and try to figure a way to work that in where it looks fashionable.

SB: What is the one item in your closet you couldn't live without?
Brandy: I would have to say this one Louis [Vuitton] bag that I have. It's a really big bag and it fits everything in there and it's really cool on the outside–it has the monogrammed print and it has a little bit of leopard at the bottom–it's just a really nice bag. I love how it makes me feel when I wear it and it never gets old. It's a timeless, timeless piece.

SB: It doesn't seem like your figure has changed since the '90s! How do you stay in such good shape?
Brandy: I play a lot of tennis. I don't like the gym [so] that's my workout. It's more of a game than it is like I'm on the treadmill for 90 hours. Although I need to get into the gym and do more weights, but tennis is my thing.

SB: Makeup is your newest passion. Have you had a chance to do anyone else's makeup yet?
Brandy: I have on a couple of friends and I almost got a shot to do Vivica Fox in Africa recently but I didn't have any time. But she did give me a compliment. She did say, 'You are now my new makeup artist' if this singing and acting thing doesn't work out I definitely have something to fall back on!

SB: So what can we expect from your new album?
Brandy: I'm so excited for another opportunity to do music that means a lot to me. I'm just going to work really hard on this album because I think the fans deserve to have an album that doesn't only have meaningful songs, but also songs that can play on the radio over and over again. I'm going to treat it like it's my first and my last, so I'm going to put everything that I have into it.

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