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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Click for Full Image Size just received a shocking e-mail from one of our ardent followers about the secret romance between Peeshaun of the Hiphop group “Skuki” and Mocheedah.

Below is the unedited e-mail we got with pictures to backup up claims.

Atewo a.k.a Peeshaun, who happens to be the younger of the musical group- SKUKI was in an intense relationship with stunning female artist Modupe Oreoluwa a.k.a Mo Cheddah from early 2010 up until early 2011. They hooked up and got close when Skuki was having a series of recording sessions in the knighthouse studios and at the same time Mo Cheddah was rounding up on her Franchise Celebrity album. Many times Peeshaun would stay behind, to support and watch his talented girlfriend as she recorded during late night sessions.

Click for Full Image SizeThe relationship enjoyed the support and well-wishes of close friends and relatives. Mo Cheddah's elder sister- LOLA, was particularly fond and encouraging of the couple. Everything was well concealed from the public and the press; Mo Cheddah and Peeshaun made it a point of call not to stay too long around each other at events, just to avoid attention.

All was smooth sailing for the young couple and getting more serious by the day up until late 2010, when Mo Cheddah discovered a shocking story from Peeshaun's past which he had hidden from her since they started dating.

With the fame and popularity that came from showbiz and the powerful ability of modern day social networks in connecting people e.g. Facebook, twitter, Mo Cheddah innocently made friends with individuals that knew somethings from her boyfriends past that she didn't.

What came to her knowledge however was that a few years ago, while Peeshaun was still studying LAW in the University of Ibadan, he bore a child- A baby girl, with a fellow student in the same institution. The child and its mother were flown to the UK by the girls parents, where the girl continued her tertiary education. The mother of the child is unknown to many, but the child is said to be about 3 or 4years of age.

This revelation led to the crumbling of Mo Cheddah's relationship with Peeshaun in early 2011. As devastated and emotional as Modupe became about the news and proximate to the time she just learnt the truth, she couldn't find herself staying too long around her boyfriend. She was still yet to make up her mind if she would continue with the relationship or call it quits, she made it clear to close friends that even though it was not in her plan to date a man who already had a child, but that was not her main hurt. What hurt her most was that she felt she should have been told the truth from the onset.

Modupe was to take a trip to South Africa in January 2011 with the Skuki brothers to shoot the video of their second single 'STAMINA' but with the emotional tension between her and Peeshaun at the time, the joint trip was cancelled and she shot her part of the video in Nigeria.

Recently the couple were seen together outside the marine spot of the new Radisson blu hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, having somewhat of a heated argument.

Click for Full Image SizeSpeculations have it that they might be coming back together soon, as love is an undestatemnt in describing what the two still feel for each other.

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