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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Behold Nigeria’s weirdest-looking entertainers

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Talents abound in the Nigerian entertainment industry. To keep up with the competition, artistes are not only trying to outdo each other in the quality of work they churn out, they also bring something to the table with their appearances. At the rate these artistes are going, it will seem that they believe in the mantra, ‘the crazier the better.’

Though the right opportunity gives a talented artiste room to grow, creativity is what makes an entertainer to stand out. In the battle to stay relevant in the entertainment industry, each player tries to be at their creative best.

We looks at the artistes who stand out in the industry, not just because they are good in their chosen fields, but because they define their personality with their image

For Empress, it’s the hair

Empress Njamah is one act that has successfully pulled off hairstyles many people are not brave enough to wear. She obviously invests in her hair and it eventually paid off when some alleged nude pictures of her were posted on the Internet last June. The actress immediately denied being the one in the picture. What vindicated her was the hairdo of the lady in the picture. Empress says she never does hairdos like that. She was saved by the whiskers or in this case, by the hair.

Click for Full Image SizeDenrele the Weirdo

Probably, Denrele Edun, a former presenter at Soundcity Television, took a cue from the Area Fada, Charly Boy, because he is considered one of Nigeria’s craziest entertainers. Denrele started building his brand in his undergraduate days. In various interviews, Denrele had spoken about how he was called a mad man when he was building his brand. Apparently worried by his nonconformist appearance, his family had held several meetings on account of him. Today, despite the fact that his sexuality has been under question, his choice of personality is paying off as his brand is taking care of his bills. Whenever the name Denrele is mentioned, the first things that pop into the mind of most people are the long and colourful hair and his unusual high-heeled shoes
Click for Full Image SizeCharly Boy: Stand out Area Fada

Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, is about the first entertainer to adopt a fashion sense a layman would see as weird. Now a grandfather, Charly Boy still rides his power motorcycles, which is his trade mark. He still has piercing on different parts of his body. The son of a former Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria came into public eye in 1990 with the song Nwata Miss.

When he started building the brand Charly Boy, he was seen as weird but with time, the society accepted him and now identifies with him. Although Charly Boy cannot be described as a talented musician, he is creative in the way he has built his brand. Today, Charly Boy is unmistakable; he stands tall and proud in the industry.
Click for Full Image SizeYellow Yellow Tetuila

Tony Tetuila is another act that is fascinated by bright colours. His preference is to be a blonde. A member of the defunct group, The Remedies, the My Car crooner changed the colour of his hair from black to blonde shortly after The Remedies broke up. Probably to differentiate him from the rest, Tetuila has made the blonde hair his trademark as he wears it till date
Click for Full Image SizeGoldie: Living by the colour

It’s no surprise that wherever you spot Goldie, she always has a touch of gold on her. Ever since she stepped into limelight in 2007, she has succeeded in carving a niche for herself through her unique carriage. We gathered that the singer adopted the stage name because she loved gold. Her friends started to call her Goldie because of her skin tone. According to the artiste, whose song, Don’t Touch, is making waves in the industry, anytime she stayed in the sun, her natural hair and skin would go reddish. Goldie also adds a streak of blue to her hair.
Click for Full Image SizeTalented, barmy Terry G

The video of Terry G’s Sangalo (PartII) places the artiste among Nigeria’s craziest entertainers. The producer cum musician’s whole personality and music borders on madness. LIFE&BEAT gathered that the talented artiste, who started his music in the church, did not begin to gain recognition till he created his unique style. Terry G is always wearing dreadlocks, with piercing on different parts of his body. He is also in the habit of wearing skinny jeans and bright colours.

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