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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Frequent Flyers: Justin Timberlake

Justin+Timberlake in
Actor Justin Timberlake attends the "Friends with Benefits" premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater on July 18, 2011 in New York City. (Getty Images)
   Justin Timberlake has had quite the busy month. While we imagine he'd rather be relaxing on the beach in Barbados, or working on his groping skills, the singer-actor has been hopping around the globe promoting his latest film, Friends With Benefits. From San Diego to New York City to Berlin, JT has been racking up the miles.

July 13: Nokia Theater - LA

While Justin spent the majority of the month trying to convince people that he and Mila Kunis' new film hadn't already come out, he wasn't about to let his hectic schedule stop him from attending the ESPY Awards in LA. Seeing as he spent what would have been his college years dancing in a little-known boy band called 'N Sync, it only made sense that Timberlake was chosen to present the Capital One Cup trophy, which honored top college athletes.

July 18: NBC Studios - NYC

Five days later it was back to business for the jet setter. Meeting up with his sexy co-star at NBC Studios in NYC, Timberlake and Kunis took over the Today show to talk all things Friends With Benefits. They also fielded questions about the Marine Corps Ball -- you know, the one that EVERY star in Hollywood has been asked to via YouTube. Lest you forget, it was Kunis that got the ball rolling on this trend when she first said yes to Sergeant Scott Moore.

July 18: Ziegfeld Theater - NYC 
Justin+Timberlake in
Hours after wrapping up their Today show interview, JT and Kunis skipped down the streets of Manhattan to Ziegfeld Theater. While the two of them hammed it up for the cameras, they were joined on the red carpet by Russian model Irina Shayk and actress Emma Stone, who continued to showcase herself as the world's most attractive artificially red-haired starlet.

July 21: Comic-Con - San Diego
Justin+Timberlake in 20th Century Fox Panel - Comic-Con 2011
We know what you're thinking: What on Earth does a romantic comedy have to do with comic books, geeks or fantasy? Well, not to worry -- Timberlake wasn't there to promote Friends With Benefits. Nor was he at Comic-Con to dress up a like a cobbler. No, he was in San Diego to build buzz around another one of his upcoming films, the sci-fi thriller In Time, which he's been shooting with co-star Amanda Seyfried.

July 29: Hotel Adlon - Berlin
After unleashing his inner geek at Comic-Con, Timberlake was back at it again in Berlin, getting his German fans pumped for Freunde Mit Gewissen Vorzuegen. Kunis joined him at the Adlon Hotel in the country's capital, where they presumably took a lot of pictures, ate as much winershnitzel as possible, and drank heavy beers out of steins. Because nothing says "doing it for the fans" like playing out stereotypes.

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