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Friday, 2 September 2011

Ray J and Kris Humphries Fly Together, Awkwardness Ensues

This is the stuff bad dreams or made-for-TV movies are made of: Your new husband runs into your ex (and sex tape partner) on an airplane, and they're seated next to each other in first class. Then they have the inevitable awkward conversation.

Ray J (Getty)This is precisely what went down between Kim Kardashian's new hubby Kris Humphries and her former beau Ray J. The dudes had a less-than-pleasant run-in Sunday on a Delta flight from LA to New Orleans when Humphries boarded in Minneapolis, then got plopped directly across the aisle from Mr. J.

Sources say there were some tense minutes of "awkward silence" before Ray J decided to make the first move. Apparently he got up and went to Mr. Kim Kardashian's seat to offer his congratulations. However, the plan was nearly foiled when Humphries acted like he didn't recognize his wife's ex. The singer wasn't giving up, though. Insiders say he pressed the basketball star (via New York Post): “Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations."

Kim+Kardashian in Kardashian Kollection Launch PartyHumphries likely realized he wasn't going to get out of the sticky situation and said: "Oh yeah, yeah, I’m sorry I know who you are," and ended it. Actually, he just asked for a different seat -- in front of Ray J and far enough away to avoid further interaction. We imagine both parties were relieved when the plane finally landed.

In case you don't remember the Kim K and Ray J saga, here's the background on their relationship and ensuing sex tape scandal: Kardashian, who wasn't a reality star yet, got a gig as Brandy's stylist in 2004 and scored a boyfriend out of the deal: Brandy's brother, R&B singer Ray J.

Kim+Kardashian in MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals 2The relationship didn't last, though their love life was splashed all over the Internet when their sex tape leaked in February 2007. When word of the scandalous video hit the web, Ray J immediately denied its existence, then backtracked a bit and claimed he had no comment -- after TMZ broke news Vivid Entertainment (one of the most powerful porn companies on the planet) planned to distribute the tape. 
Kardashian pretty much did the same, then said in an interview with Complex (after quickly lawyering up): "You know, I thought I was gonna marry this guy; we were in a three-year relationship. I didn't think that our personal business would be for the world to see...So no, I would not think twice to – I don't think that this will come out as something positive for me."

Although Kim was humiliated about distribution of the footage, she ended up settling in court that April. Her cut: $5 million. And when released, the tape quickly became the company's highest-selling X-rated video.

Ray+J in VEVO Presents Ne-Yo And Friends - ArrivalsThe tape continues to bring in dough for Vivid. In fact, the site that houses the illicit video received a massive traffic spike before and after the reality star's August 20 wedding. An estimated 2 millionpeople checked out that weekend, and the site usually sees 300,000 unique visitors per month.

However, the tape could soon be yanked from the interwebs for good. A mystery buyer is reportedly offering Vivid some serious cash for all rights to the X-rated footage and plans to take it off the market. TMZ reports the company's head honcho Steve Hirsch is willing to play ball. The starting price is about $30 million. Stay tuned.
Wanna see the sex tape?
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